Claudia Prosdocimo

Managing Director, Roiatti S.R.L

"Voxme software surpassed our demanding expectations. From the very beginning as we were gathering information from the market for available programs that could satisfy our series of demands, Voxme stood out for delivery, flexibility and support.

The knowledge of the transportation, moving and relocation services demonstrated by Voxme personnel with whom we interfaced (especially our prime Mr. Max Kreynin) immediately enabled us to expose and discuss the business technical aspects and communicate our product expectations.

From the very outset the proposed Voxme software appeared as if it was a tailor cut solution to our demands. The flexibility to easily adjust to new and increasing demands was also a prime feature  we were looking for.

Voxme support received from Voxme team during and after initial deployment of the system and software have been superb. Responses to our adjustment/upgrade requests have been timely and very fast to say the least.

Without doubt Voxme was the right choice and is now an inseparable asset for us and our crews."

Colin Gordon

Director of Quality Assurance, TheMIGroup, Mississauga, ON, Canada

"We are delighted with Voxme Software. From our very first meeting, we felt comfortable and confident that not only was the product superior, but that the delivery, installation, training and after sales service would be superior. 

Max Kreynin has an impressive depth of knowledge of the moving and relocation industry, which allows him to discuss the technical aspects of the Voxme Software and the links to operational issues of the industry in a manner that is easy to understand and to fine tune the software to custom fit the needs of the variety of companies and their operations teams in or industry around the world. His patience and perseverance while interfacing with all of our eight offices and our IT department was always appreciated and all of our packing and operational staff benefited greatly from the thorough training that he delivered in all locations. 

The Voxme Software team continue to be extremely helpful and show their interest in customer service by following up with our operations teams to offer advice and assistance on any issues that may arise. 

Our packers have easily adapted to the Voxme Software System and its installation at all of our operational locations has proven to be a huge benefit in productivity and presentation. 

We are very pleased with our decision to purchase the Voxme Software System and look forward to continuing to work with them as we both move forward."

Roger Aiken

Joint Managing Director at Stephen Morris Shipping, London, England

"Since we purchased the Voxme MightyForwarder software and handheld computer options, we have found that the package has saved us considerable amounts of time in our sales and operations departments. The back up and support for the product has been fantastic and we recommend the product whenever possible to other international movers."

Adi Shaked

VP of Sales at Orbit International Moving Logistics, Toronto, Canada. Article "Technology in Transportation", THE PORTAL magazine, July/August 2007

"We decided to purchase a system called MightyForwarder by Voxme. It took some time to adjust to it and adapt it to our needs (and that is why we bought it during the off session). However, after using it for five months, I am more satisfied with it than I could have ever imagined."

Bertrand Harsch

CEO at Harsch Transports, Geneva, Switzerland

"We are very grateful for your survey inventory which goes much further than what we had previously, and is flexible enough to adapt to our system. Implementation within our IT system was greatly simplified thanks to your help, and all the people at Harsch join me in thanking you for your active input."