June 24, 2022

Barcoded labels as the moving world bank notes or NFT

Barcoded labels as the moving world bank notes or NFT

The association between printing barcoded labels and printing money appeared in one form or another many years ago. Indeed, whilst the government is responsible for making each and every note and coin unique, in the world of moving a job number and a piece number encoded into a barcode or QR code allow to control and regulate inventory transfer and storage processes efficiently. Here’s a simple example when having control of the right information within the barcoding system allows for a drastic cost reduction. We are talking about loose loading of multiple shipments into a consolidated groupage container. In the absence of a real control system, one has to load each shipment into their own separate liftvans or pallets, which leads to inefficient utilization of container space and requires the use of forklifts and larger vehicles for loading and unloading. Having a barcode based inventory control allows not only to save on all these expenses, but also establish more efficient business schemes that help avoid other expenses, mix-ups, missing inventory and false insurance claims.

The advantages of using barcoded labels and scanning systems are numerous and obvious so how come the majority of the most respected companies in the industry stick to the traditional color moving tags circa 1910? Inertia and tradition aside, the main barriers are obviously the cost of labels, printers, but mainly the cost of software, necessary hardware and company-wide system implementation.

We sincerely hope that our new offering – cloud label printing and digital bingo app will make label printing and barcode scanning affordable for the entire moving industry regardless of your company size. Check out the details, book your demo, talk to us.

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