Estimator - Pre-Move Survey App

The moving estimate app with cloud backup for moving companies

Moving estimate app

Estimator is a pre-move survey app with cloud backup for movers and packers. Our moving estimate app allows surveyors and salesmen to quickly create a household, warehouse, military, or fine arts inventory list with photos at residence or over virtual survey, create a survey summary report, calculate the cost, and share it with clients, bookers, and back office.

Pre-move survey made simple

Be in control

Estimator allows surveyors to quickly create the list of articles to pack and move whilst controlling the accumulated volume by room and by shipment in real time.

See the full picture

Packing materials are estimated automatically based on your company's standards. Click to view sample survey summary.

Capture what matters

Data entry

Add items and materials however is convenient for you

Items and materials are added based on company standards and adjusted when necessary.

Total control

View accumulated volume and weight any way you like

View totals by room, shipment and categories, get alerted when allowances are exceeded.

Forms and questionnaires

Let surveyors and transferees complete pre-move forms digitally

Set up any pre-move form your surveyors need to complete the paperwork.

Sharing survey results

Present survey summary in transferee’s language for on-screen sign-off

Share detailed survey summary with photos and signature instantly via cloud, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal.

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