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Voxme Delivery Bingo App is a simple delivery bingo checkoff app that can be used by any moving company, TSP, contractor or driver.

Moving inventory app

The bingo app is designed for checking off inventory  pieces on delivery or inventory point of transfer. All visible damages are recorded with description and photos and all unmarked packages get accounted for.
The summary PDF is instantly ready for sharing via email or messenger and upload to the portal

The app supports checking by barcode scanning, which makes the process more efficient and reliable for the users.
Bingo job can be created on a mobile device or dispatched from the office via SMS, email or QR code.
The bingo app is standalone and can be used regardless of the origin inventory format or origin agent's inventory system.

Meet the new industry standard

Voxme Delivery Bingo helps delivery drivers and crews to complete delivery bingo checkoff electronically. The origin inventory can come on paper or from another inventory system.

Bingo Results In Real Time

Once delivery is completed, a summary PDF can be shared with the client and office via any email or messenger. The PDF is instantly available in the office system

Comprehensive Simplicity

Data entry

All Details Matter

Quickly record visible package damages and take as many photos as necessary.

BarcodE scanning

Using Barcoded labels

Use the power of barcode scanning for efficient check-off. Voxme Delivery Bingo does not require external hardware scanners. All it needs is unique barcodes

BINGO result PDF

Get checkoff sign-off on the screen

Share signed detailed bingo checkoff result with photos and signature instantly via cloud, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Telegram and memory stick.

unmarked packages

Some packages arrive unmarked

Use the app to capture all unmarked packages with their description and photos. They will appear in the summary PDF and may help offset missing inventory packages

general notes and photos

Make the checkoff comprehensive

Add general notes and photos to the checkoff summary prior to signoff.


When packing list isn't a must

Print the labels from Voxme bingo portal according to the inventory piece count and then use Bingo App for checkoff.

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