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Voxme Virtual Video Survey is a a simple web portal that allows moving salesmen and surveyors to conduct a video survey using any computer, phone or tablet from wherever they are. The client (transferee) gets invited via company branded SMS or email and connects to the two-way video chat using a dedicated app. Voxme Virtual Survey platform becomes an integral part of a virtual moving software that allows to produce real, comprehensive, complete survey reports with item and residence photos.

Virtual survey made simple

Ultimate mobility

Let surveyors conduct a video survey from iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Windows based devices.

Cloud recording

Watch recorded video survey right away from anywhere.

You are in control


Invite clients to the chat via SMS or email

Clients need a couple of taps to join the video chat

Your brand first

Customize SMS and Email invitations to your own needs

Give virtual survey a personal touch

Data Safety

Store Recorded videos in the cloud with the highest level of protection

Videos get deleted after expiration or on demand.

Inventory your way

Create inventory using live or recorded videos

Use snapshots to produce detailed survey summaries.

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