Digital Inventory

Inventory is a household goods driver packing inventory app fine tuned for private, military and diplomatic moves.

Packing inventory made simple

Meet the standards

Voxme Inventory helps drivers and foremen to easily create legible Household Goods Descriptive Inventory that meets DOD (USTRANSCOM) and DOT requirements with regards to the digital electronic inventory compliance with ISO 17451-1 standard.

Be digital offline

Voxme Inventory doesn’t require internet onsite. It automatically uploads all data to the cloud to keep it safe when it gets online. Click to view sample DOD approved digital inventory.

Uncompromised Mobility

Data entry

Capture the contents of each inventory piece

Add items using the standard master list with all relevant details such as preexisting damages, photos, category specific attributes.

Barcoding and scanning

Print job specific barcoded labels

Use the power of barcode scanning for efficient check-off in and out of storage and on delivery.

Sharing Packing List

Present the packing list in transferee’s language for on-screen sign-off

Share detailed packing list with photos and signature instantly via cloud, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Telegram and memory stick.

Forms and questionnaires

Let crews and transferees complete company and agents forms digitally

Set up DD Form 619 (ASP), Satisfaction Survey, Vehicle inspection, and any other form for crews and clients to fill out at the residence.

Residence inspection

Complete residence inspection before and after the service

Add standard and free text condition descriptions and photos to residence elements.

Liftvans and bingo

Capture liftvans and containers details

Record volume, weight, serial and seal number, packing list and perform bingo check off.

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