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Address: 28 Finch Avenue West, Unit 201,Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2N 2G7.

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Canada: +1-647-427-3942
UK: +44-20-8089-0735
USA: +1-917-341-2542

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Voxme Software Inc.

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Voxme Software Inc. is based in Toronto, Canada and has support and integration staff in North America and Europe. We provide phone and email support to our global customer base in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. Voxme Software Inc. is a member of Lacma and IAM and a regular sponsor of FIDI annual conferences.

Live Demo

The best way to understand what Voxme can do for you is to see our solutions live. You will connect to our demo system over the Internet, walk you through each application and discuss your needs and requirements. Please, click here and when the new email message windows appears, specify the date and time that suits you best. You will receive a confirmation email or a phone call with a GoToMeeting session details.

Competitive upgrade

We provide cost efficient upgrade plans that help companies preserve a large portion of the investment made in devices, scanners and templates.



“We are very grateful for your survey inventory which goes much further than what we had previously, and is flexible enough to adapt to our system. Implementation within our IT system was greatly simplified thanks to your help, and all the people at Harsch join me in thanking you for your active input.”

Bertrand Harsch
CEO at Harsch Transports, Geneva, Switzerland

“Voxme software surpassed our demanding expectations. From the very beginning as we were gathering information from the market for available programs that could satisfy our series of demands, Voxme stood out for delivery, flexibility and support.”

Claudia Prosdocimo
Managing Director at Roiatti S.R.L, Pordenone, Italy

“We are delighted with Voxme Software. From our very first meeting, we felt comfortable and confident that not only was the product superior, but that the delivery, installation, training and after sales service would be superior.”

Colin Gordon
Quality Directory at TheMi Group, Canada and USA

“At MoveAssist our policy is to concentrate on our core competencies while providing our customers with options for using ‘best of breed’ products alongside our own products. The Voxme system complements MoveManager and provides our clients with additional functionality so it’s a win-win situation.”

Robby Wogan
CEO at MoveAssist, London, UK

“I am very impressed with the consistency of the service that he (Max Kreynin), provides to our company, as for it is very good and the quality of his work is very high. I plan for my company to continue using him as we go forward into the future, as I perceive he is the kind of quality individual it takes on a team to be successful.”

Walter M. Laffitte
President and CEO at Canal Movers & Logistics, Panama City, Panama

“It is very hard to find a good support once you have purchased a product, but with your company this has proven us wrong. Voxme is there to answer questions at all times, our operation team, movers and office staff can count on your support at all times.”

Yaniv Risman
President at Sea & Air International, New York, USA

“The respect that we receive from our customers since using the hand held surveys and the Mighty Forwarder for price quotes has definitely put Sonigo in a much higher league than our competitors.”

Joe Semel
Marketing Associate at Sonigo, Ashdod, Israel

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