September 17, 2023

Herding sheep is easier with QR codes

Herding sheep is easier with QR codes

The idea behind barcodes is to use it as a unique tag on each piece of a shipment that needs its completeness check done in transit.

Imagine for a second that you get to herd sheep, which means constantly worrying about their mixing up with other flocks. Wouldn’t your job be easier if instead of a number there was a QR code in the middle of sheep’s forehead?

That’s what the Bingo portal offers your moving business.

You print barcoded, job specific labels that are unique for each piece. Voxme apps that get downloaded from your job specific link allow to check off the job pieces using any smartphone’s camera.

Affordable pricing and minimum limitations help you this technology for your business processes and succeed at herding sheep, minimizing the loss of headcount, raising profit margins and level of clients’ and partners’ respect.

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