April 9, 2022

JK Moving Services has maximized the use of Voxme Digital Inventory rolling it out to 200 crews

JK Moving Services has maximized the use of Voxme Digital Inventory rolling it out to 200 crews

On March 23, 2022 IAM had the second digital inventory webinar where drivers weighed in on their experience with using digital inventory.

In contrast with the first webinar where managers, including VP of The Pasha Group, shared their perspective on implementing and using their digital inventory systems, this session has offered the attendees a rare opportunity to listen to the first hand experience of the actual drivers who use this technology on a daily basis. JK Moving Services was represented by Justin Britt who has offered his perspective of using Voxme Digital Inventory solution over the last 7 years. 

JK Moving Services, the largest independent mover in North America, are notorious for its high corporate culture, which shows in its approach to field personnel training. This rigorous training program is the basis for implementing not only the basic electronic packing list routine, but also residence inspection, as well as form and timesheet completion. Such detailed level of capturing the data and sharing it with the JK Moving Services move management system in real time paved the way to extremely efficient and precise billing process. 

IAM’s leaders Charles White an Brian Limperopulos should be applauded for coming up with a very unique webinar structure, which helped all interested parties look at the digital inventory implementation from different perspectives. It is especially valuable in light of the upcoming vendor demo days starting on April 26, 2022. Mark Oakeshott, one of few very influential and highly regarded industry veterans, has recommended to pay special attention to specific aspects of a digital inventory system during the selection process. This can’t be stressed enough.

Indeed, many participants have noticed the fact among the demo day vendors Voxme is the only system featured during both industry wide digital inventory webinars. It may create a false impression that Voxme is suitable only for large companies like The Pasha Group or JK Moving Services. The reality is that Voxme is being used by small and mid size moving companies around the world for all types of moves - local, domestic, international, private, government and military, fine arts, interior design and high value goods. 

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