November 11, 2022

The special feel of IAM 2022

The special feel of IAM 2022

This year’s IAM 2022 has had a special feel on multiple fronts. The genuine warmth of the attendees towards each other was in the air - I guess surviving COVID period made people reflect on their life priorities and relationships with those who are still alive. For us at this convention was important as we wanted to present our digital inventory portal live and see how real professionals react to it in person.

It was the first convention for the Delivery Bingo app , which is something the industry has demanded for a while. Frankly, we hoped for the best but the reaction was truly overwhelming - when professionals get what you’ve built within a 30 seconds walkthrough, it means we’ve done something right.Thank you all for your trust and support. We are humbled and excited to deliver on your expectations from our amazing team here at Voxme.

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