Since the very beginning to this very day we continue to be asked: "Why do you guys do what you do and what made you get into this business"? The question comes from clients new and old. Some of them bring it up during the first meeting and some pop it after 10 years of working with us. And over the years we have offered all sorts of honest,  factual answers albeit with a varying degree of details, entertainment value and self-censorship. 

Fortunately, we've never had to ask ourselves "The Why" question and ponder about it for even a split second. Voxme was born out of the believes of the founders that they can give removals and fine art logistics professionals like yourself easy to use, comprehensive and customizable apps and systems that would help you be the best you can be at your craft.

We've gone through all the phases of a new technology startup - the expected eye rolling at the sight of the premove survey and driver inventory apps on Palm Pilot III back in 2003, the obligatory "Okay, I get it, but my employees are too dumb to pick it up" to the most recent "I don't want the system to force my hand. I know what I'm doing and I remember where everything is in the warehouse".

Our biggest reward has always been that precious moment when a customer inquires about a very specific feature that only a high caliber pro would be able to even formulate, see it implemented and go: "Ah, so you guys actually get it". Hearing that justifies all the blood and sweat that our amazing team has put in over the years and makes us push for more. 

Ironically, these are the very features that almost never come up when we work with our clients on helping them get the most out of whatever system of ours they are using. Since everybody is short on time and attention, getting to the "advanced stuff" rarely happens.

So we figured that we ought to capture these "so you guys got it" moments in a series of blog posts that will be published here and re-posted on LinkedIn in hopes that you will read it during a quiet moment and find it relevant to what you would have really liked to address but haven't gotten around to gathering your thoughts and figuring out a solution. And because of that we've decided not to split the series into "just for removals" and "just for fine arts shipping" as often times considering somebody else's problem and looking at a solution helps us figure out something for or about ourselves.

Hope you will enjoy reading these posts as much as we enjoy sharing these precious moments with you.