January 4, 2023

Unforced digital inventory is the best one

Unforced digital inventory is the best one

Digital inventory news were at the centre of industry attention during the entire year. Everybody was pondering and trying to gues whether all DOD movers will indeed be forced to use digital inventory. However, some leading companies that implemented Voxme inventory system a while back, have analyzed their real data and reached a universal conclusion that a proper electronic packing list with photos is the most efficient measure against mixups and fraudulent insurance claims.

In the passing year Voxme has invested substantial efforts into giving the most number of movers an affordable way to get familiar with the digital inventory technology. We’ve rolled out a simple portal that allow everybody to try and implement digital inventory and make it part of their working routine with minimal upfront investment and operational costs. We’ve recurred the power of artificial intelligence to share the story with wide industry audience:

Visit us at https://voxme.com, book an interactive demo that will take you on a unique journey of playing the roles of dispatcher, packer and even a packed package as part of a fairy tale move story.

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