July 12, 2022

Using Delivery Bingo App to unload at destination

Using Delivery Bingo App to unload at destination

Here’s what you can do when you need to unload the goods into a residence based on the origin inventory list. You can you open a matching job in the Bingo Label Portal (https://bingo.voxme.com) and enter the number of pieces on the inventory in the job. Then you’d open this job in the Delivery Bingo App – keep in mind that the app can be installed onthe delivery crew’s mobile device or on the client’s. Checking off the numbers using the app is more convenient than dong it on the paper copy of the inventory. One can immediately describe external package damages by taking notes and photos. The app allows to register unmarked packages with their description and photos. The delivery checkoff result can be compared to the origin inventory, signed off and emailed in PDF format.

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