August 22, 2020

Voxme MoveWare integration path

Voxme MoveWare integration path

Voxme - MoveWare integration path was full of technical and other challenges, but the sides have chosen to put the interests of their joint clients ahead of their egos.

As a result, MoveWare users can choose between Mobi and Voxme Estimator as a mobile premove survey app and the old time Estimator users can choose between Voxme MFC and MoveWare as their move management platform.

At this point MoveWare has given their users a way to integrate with Voxme Virtual Survey System, so highly demanded during this period of social distancing.

Next up is an integration with Voxme Inventory so eagerly anticipated by the users that appreciate the importance of an electronic inventory in the overall reliable, high quality moving process.

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