First of all, thank you to all our clients for sharing their experiences with virtual surveys after over a year of use and, more importantly, for telling us what would make the virtual survey complete... or at least as close as possible to the Voxme Estimator. You spoke, we listened and can now proudly announce the arrival of the following major features: 

- Support for multi modal surveys. Just like in the familiar Voxme Estimator you can define mode of transport/destination for each item. 

- Item details now include handling type, dismantling, assembling and valuable flags. 

- PDF summaries can be generated in any of the configured languages. 

- Item photos can be taken during live video, from the recorded video and uploaded by customers via web app. 

Take advantage of these new features. After all, not visiting the customer in person shouldn’t mean compromising on the quality of your surveys. It's all about face time and inventory and Voxme V Survey gives you both. Let's get you started. Sign up here: