The beautiful thing about today's platforms is that they finally talk to each other and allow us to build our own work environment. We don't think twice about linking Google calendar or Outlook calendar to an iPhone calendar or hook up an Apple TV to a Samsung TV. We do what's best for us and don't commit to one brand ... because one marriage is more than enough.

When we started developing our mobile apps for pre-move survey and packing inventory 15 years ago on a beautiful Palm Pilot, we've designed them to be integrated with other move management systems because we believe in giving customers the ability to select the tools that work best for them. Gradually we've built out integration interfaces with Relo Assist, MoveWare, RedSky, TRAXX! and other systems.  Can't say it was a smooth ride but we got to the point when clients have this to say:

"Voxme and Moveware work great together and the good thing is it never took that long to merge the two.

The process is a bit hard to put in to words but I will try, just so if you are asked the question you can answer it from the end user words.

When the our move coordinators sets up the survey in MW, MW sends the surveyors an email to say there is a survey set up also at the same time MW will send the survey details to Voxme.

I will then get an email from Voxme to inform me that the survey details can be downloaded to our tablets....once downloaded I’m ready to do the survey!

Once I have completed the survey I just press upload and without going in to to much detail about the magic, the survey results are emailed back to me for confirmation of upload and merged in to MW.

The coordinator is informed of the upload via a pop up in MW they can view the inventory in the appropriate tab or view the inventory that Voxme sent in the documents section.

In all fairness to both MW and Voxme they work very well for me on the survey side of things and the support I have had from Voxme (Edit Gurevich) in the setup and any ongoing support is exceptional and makes things very easy."

And in our books it justifies all the blood and sweat and a long line of bruised egos. Talk to us for technical details, references and folk stories.