October 2, 2022

Why we consider free digital inventory trial crucial

Why we consider free digital inventory trial crucial

Hurrah, Voxme also offers free trial of digital inventory. Actually, we are the only ones to offer free trial right here right now. Others tend to limit themselves to applause emojis and canned demos.

Speaking of hands. The video shows an end-to-end digital inventory creation process on a handheld device. Actually, you can try Voxme Inventory app without letting the phone or tablet out of the palm of your hand. Getting the app into the hands of the real users and contractors aka down to earth drivers and crew leaders, is the only way to see what they will use. If they can’t use the app, it’s the end of the road. That’s what the whole selection process comes down to and no amount of demos, drinks, freebies, hugs and public announcements will change it. That’s why we consider free trial crucially important and fair.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This video shows the exact steps that will bring digital inventory into your daily business routine. Notice the combination of a native app (Voxme Inventory) and an automatic backup to a cloud portal (https://bingo.voxme.com) where you’ll find your electronic inventory pdf months after the shipment has been loaded, delivered and missing and damaged items claims tend to come up.

Funny enough, some companies that claim to have a full digital inventory solution, don’t rush to offer free pilots. That’s what lots of companies who turned to us complain about. They are honestly trying to compare available solutions and pick the one that suits them best. On the other hand, many of them quickly decided that a $300 expense for the luxury of trying to add new technology to their business routine within one year is more than justified. They probably felt that otherwise there’s a very good chance that they’ll stay with unreadable handwritten inventories and the sight of applause emojis and reliable feedback from anonymous users excited about ease of use and intuitiveness of an amazing app.

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