July 9, 2021

Release notes for Voxme Inventory iOS – version 14.1, Android – 11.4

Here is the summary of all the changes:


INV-1471 Default custom label value in Fine Arts for "Packers" and “Packer” is changed to Handlers and Handler. Further customization can be done via settings/custom labels

INV-1444 Bug fix: Downloaded image file name is added to the text field in focus

What it means to you: There was a bug on the item details screen that would the file name of a downloaded image to the item description. It is now fixed

INV-1439 App crashes ifuser tries to scan with the camera using the Google SDK but has the camera permissions off

What it means to you: Some users reported this issue after fresh install. The solution was to go and adjust Inventory camera permission, but now the app explicitly detects this situation and provides clear instructions.

INV-1432 Bug fix: Image size increases dramatically after editing

What it means to you: Editing images used to result in a very large image which has caused upload issues.

INV-1431 Inventory not selected correctly when returning from editing/checking it

What it means to you: Returning to the main screen would not highlight the job that was last worked on.

INV-1428 Enable Check Registration if no native mail app present

What it means to you: The situation in the previous version was that if a device didn’t have a native Apple email client installed and couldn’t share the registration record, the Check registration wouldn’t be enabled. Now that’s no longer the case so Voxme tech can grab the registration record over LogMein, provision the device and ask the user to tap on Check registration. Please, use QR settings for setting updevices going forward

INV-1413 Bug fix: Weight and Volume Totals on the Checker screen are being incremented with every screen transition

INV-1404 Bug fix: Logic for barcode calculation in Fine Arts needs to be changed

What it means to you: The previous version had an issue with the automatic item number calculation when new itemswere added when the last item on the inventory was a child.

INV-1392Add Default Condition setting parameter next to the Default package

What it means to you: Now one can explicitly set a default item condition when an item is created. By default, the first condition on the conditions list is used as a default. In Fine arts mode the default condition is blank after the upgrade.

INV-1391 Bug fix: Empty node in Configuration file causes exception while parsing and app to report error

What it means to you: An empty configuration parameter in ArtMan and MFC would crash the app.

INV-1475 In Removals skip job existence check if job has already been uploaded

What it means to you: In fine art mode the upload will not start if the target transaction doesn’t exist in ArtMan or if it’s flagged as Complete. In removals mode the uploads for completed transactions will still go through.

INV-1473 Change error message to be inventory mode specific

What it means to you: Upload errors are now specific to the back-end system (MFC and ArtMan).

INV-1466 Eliminate Dropbox upload

What it means to you: Inventory no longer supports direct link with Dropbox. Sharing transaction summaries is the only way to upload something to Dropbox

INV-1464 In Removals Mode the maxFileSize parameter should be 10MB and not editable if Voxme Cloud=ON. In Fine Arts Mode editable and default 10 MB

What it means to you: Inventory will now automatically scale down captured images to meet the constraints of the back-end system (MFC or Art Manager). By default the image sizes in Removals mode is now 10M and it’s not editable for MFC users. If it is user editable in fine arts mode and the default now is 10Mb.

INV-1462 In Removals mode set Default Skid type to Liftvan if Voxme Cloud=ON

What it means to you: In the previous version the first loading type on the list, meaning Airvan. Now the default is Liftvan unless it was set up in master settings already.

INV-1461 Capture memory allocation exception thrown while generating PDF file

What it means to you: In the previous version when device ran out of memory, the inventory summary in PDF wouldn’t display. It’d crash the app on some occasions. Now the user will see the warning. The only way around the issue is to restart the device after uploading to the server.

INV-1456 Show error message received from the server for status code 400

What it means to you: Authentication messages and MFC Licensing issues will be displayed straight away upon any attempt to download or upload

INV-1449 During the upload skip non image documents larger than 12MB and inform user

What it means to you: If users downloaded a transaction document larger than 12Mb, it won’t be uploaded back to the system.

INV-1446 Compress saved image files to not exceed server file upload limit of 12MB

What it means to you: All photos (live or coming from a gallery) will be scaled down to the max image size in the settings

INV-1445 Do not allow uploads for jobs not present in Art Manager except for transfers

What it means to you: Any attempt to upload a transaction that has been completed in ArtMan will not even start andthe user will be notified.

INV-1424 Move User Registration away from Settings with access from a menu item placed above About

What it means to you: The users won’t have to go through the settings and be given the settings password to make any registration changes

INV-1422 Server URL got moved to the Voxme Cloud view

INV-1420 Filter tool has been eliminated from the image editor

INV-1409 Simplify user registration flow after fresh install

What it means to you: A registration window comes up right away after opening the app for the first time

Tapping on it brings the user registration screen. Existing users should use the settings QR code to quicklyset up a new device.

INV-1403 Changes to condition field/dropdown on the Item Details screen in Fine Arts

What it means to you: Empty condition is added as a condition option.

INV-1401 Detect if internet is available prior to Printing labels and alert user

What it means to you: In the previous version the app would try to print and hang forever. Make sure to enable “local network” in Voxme Inventory Apple settings

INV-1400 Allow clearing of condition field on the Item Condition Details screen in Fine Arts

What it means to you: A condition can be blanked out after wrong selection.

INV-1399 Default Condition initialization distinct for Fine Arts vs Removals mode

What it means to you: In Fine arts the default condition after the upgrade is blank. In removals it’s the first condition in the configuration

INV-1398 Parse, save and use<ValuationCurrency> for item value currency

What it means to you: Item valuation currency is visible on the item details screen

INV-1397 Add default currency settings parameter

What it means to you: Default item valuation currency can be adjusted via settings. Master settings should be adjusted.

INV-1396 Trouble printing Zebra labels over local IP address

What it means to you: In the previous version the app would try to print and hang forever. Make sure to enable “local network” in Voxme Inventory Apple settings

INV-1395 Bug fix: Selection in the Conditions dropdown on the Item Conditions screen is incorrect

In fine arts mode tapping on the condition drop-down would select the first condition on the list by default. This has been fixed. The default selection is now blank.

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