Voxme Software Inc. and MoveAssist International have rolled out the second phase of the integration link between their products. The goal of this phase was to fully automate the process of uploading survey details and summaries from Voxme survey solutions to MoveManager and integrate MoveManager with Voxme packing inventory and labeling solutions. This substantial scope extension was initiated by the companies that use MoveAssist and Voxme products, and have sought to add efficiency to survey and packing inventory data flows. The obvious way to achieve this goal was to automate as many data and document transfer tasks as possible.

On the survey side the new version of the link allows for the dispatching of survey requests with all relevant info (client info, origin and destination details, dates and notes) from MoveManager to Voxme survey solutions and then automatically importing all survey details (total volume, weight, materials, crates, access notes) and survey summary documents back from Voxme to MoveManager. MoveManager will now automatically create a separate job for each shipment identified during the survey.

On the operations side, the new version of the link help dispatch job requests from MoveManager to Voxme operations module, print shipment specific labels, load job details onto the crew’s inventory units, and upload all inventory and loading details along with the packing list back onto MoveManager. Apart from the obvious efficiency related benefits, this level of integration means that MoveManager can easily produce electronic shipment files in the standard industry format developed by IAM.

Says Max Kreynin of Voxme Software:

"With electronic data collection quickly becoming common practice, the focus is gradually shifting to integration between survey, inventory and scanning modules and move management systems. The reason very simple and cynical – unless the data flow is automated, nobody has the resources or patience for manual data re-entry".