December 15, 2020

Voxme - comprehensive digital inventory system for modern moving companies

Voxme digital inventory is a complete system allowing moving companies to establish an efficient, cloud based process suitable for any organizational structure and business flow.

All job management is handled via a pure cloud, browser based system called MFC, which allows move coordinators and operations team to register jobs, print labels, create work orders, add any other documents  and dispatch pickups to the moving crews.

The crews download these pickup requests on their iOS or Android device using Voxme Inventory app. All pickup related documents are downloaded to the device automatically. If necessary, crews can print labels on site via Bluetooth using a ruggedized mobile label printer. Voxme Inventory can be installed on subcontractor’s devices.

The Inventory app allows to create a detailed packing list with photos of preexisting damages in 8 languages, capture liftvan info and content, perform residence inspection, fill out auxiliary service forms and questionnaires, collect digital signatures and upload all the details back to the main system. The app works offline and requires internet connection only to download pickup requests and upload the results back to the cloud.

When the goods come to the warehouse, the Inventory app allows warehouse staff to capture all loading details - scan pieces into liftvans or storage crates, then scan the liftvans into their warehouse location. Scanning inventory out is as simple as scanning liftvans and loose pieces to a release location or trucks. The next hub can repeat liftvan scan in and scan out process.

At the end, the inventory can be scanned on delivery. Item damages can be photographed during the bingo process.

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