Voxme Inventory app on both iOS and Android platform allows destination agents to simply scan the origin barcodes or print one’s own labels based on the origin piece count and scan these into the warehouse. One can even take photos of damages as the pieces are getting received. Once scanning is done, the resulting barcodes list can be used for scanning inventory out and on delivery, thus allowing to maintain inventory integrity at all points of transfer. The back-end cloud system helps set up jobs, print labels and documents with a couple of clicks from any browser.


Handling import inventory is tough any way one looks at it,starting from the basic integrity control. More often than not an import shipment doesn’t come with an electronic packing list compatible with your inventory system so one can’t just can load it in the app and scan away. The industry is trying to set up a common electronic inventory exchange mechanism,but it will take years. In the meantime, the shipments are getting smaller,loose consolidation is the name of the game and another season is just around he corner.


We believe in a bright future with common standards, but our focus is trained on what we can do now to help you tackle the problems in the most practical way given the current state of the industry.