October 6, 2020


Voxme and Moveware have come together to develop an interface that allows users of Moveware to use the Voxme Estimator app for pre-move surveys. The interface between Moveware and Voxme Virtual Survey allows Moveware users to easily pull items and access snapshots from the video into Moveware. As most surveys nowadays are virtual, an ability to assign photos from the video to items and access details quickly and easily in Moveware is a huge benefit for Moveware users.

“It took time for both companies to start cooperating and integrate at the mobile applications level, said Max Kreynin from Voxme. “The mutual understanding and cooperation allowed the sides to come up with a swift response to the challenges of social distancing and build a real bridge over this surreal period. And it became clear now that this is the bridge into the future, which will be very different from the past.”

To find out more visit the companies’ virtual booths at IAM 2020 or see the advertisement in this issue of The Mover on page 25.


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