November 22, 2020

Voxme rolls out label printing for packing crews

Voxme has rolled out label printing from their packing inventory app Voxme Inventory on both Apple and Android platforms. It gives packing crews an ability to print labels in the truck or on site using ruggedized mobile Zebra printer via Bluetooth. The warehouse users of the Inventory can print the labels to any modern Zebra printer on the network via wi-fi or use a mobile printer in the warehouse and print via Bluetooth or wi-fi.

This development is extremely important during these unprecedented times when the crews have minimum contact with the office and are expected to be as independent as possible. It also allows moving companies to enable label printing for remote crews and sub-contractors who never come to the office or have access to the warehouse or office label printer. All they would need is the Voxme Inventory license, a mobile Zebra label printer and blank labels.

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