Clients often have a limit as to how much they can ship, whether for financial reasons, company allowance, or space constraints at the new residence. The Voxme Estimator pre-move survey app, which calculates a shipment’s weight and volume in real time, will now display an on-screen warning once the allowance has been exceeded. The client can then decide whether to keep adding items, ship them differently, or stop there.

When a single move has multiple destinations, the surveyor can specify a different allowance for each. Allowances entered ahead of time in the company’s move management system will be passed directly to the surveyor, who will be made aware of them automatically during the survey. The surveyor and the client will have a clear picture of what’s going where at all times, and will know how much they can still squeeze in before hitting the allowance limit.

Key features

  • Control weight allowance, volume allowance, or both
  • On-screen warning in real time when allowance has been exceeded
  • Different allowances based on destinations or modes of shipment
  • Surveyor and transferee stay informed at all times


  • The Voxme Estimator's fast and intuitive interface frees up the surveyor’s hands and attention.
  • Take pictures of items, write down notes, and record details about the client's need and the residence.
  • The application generates a detailed survey report that can be e-mailed, printed, or edited on the device or the PC
  • The Voxme Estimator can be used as a stand alone app or in combination with an office system