August 27, 2023

Unexpected Digital Inventory Portal usage patterns

Unexpected Digital Inventory Portal usage patterns

Our biggest takeaway of the first year of having Digital inventory and barcoding portal in production is rather unexpected - we thought that a modest $300 a year, $3 per job, unlimited users and devices packages would mostly attract small to medium size movers as they are the most price sensitive ones and they have the boots on the ground.

Looking at the system usage stats paints a very different picture - some of the largest movers in the US (Piece of Cake Moving & Storage ) and in the world ( Move One , Santa Fe Relocation ) have come on board to use the portal to quickly establish the inventory control processes they need. We believe that the real explanation for this rather unexpected phenomenon is hilariously simple - small movers of ALL SIZES can implement a new IT solution only if it’s something cheap, simple, works right away and doesn’t involve and IT or project management. Small movers simply don’t have the above infrastructure and large movers look to get around it.At the end of the day, we, human beings, gravitate to the simple things that just work.

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