May 2, 2023

JK Moving Services upgrades to MFC based Voxme Inventory platform

When the largest independent moving company in North America completes a major platform upgrade before the season, it means three things:

  • trust in one's processes to get things right
  • critical importance of the platform
  • trust in software vendor

JK Moving Services has been using Voxme Digital Inventory platform for close to 5 years and has methodically extended the use of the platform to incorporate contract and service related forms, access and residence inspection photos, timesheets and delivery check-off. And now they've migrated to our MFC based inventory system

to take full advantage of the operational stability of Voxme AWS cloud, powerful real time APIs and real time document generations to help automated all field activity processes.

The success of Voxme Inventory system at JK Moving Services can only be attributed to their tireless pursuit of perfection. Having a vision of a truly integrated process is one thing. Being able to set up all the systems, integrations, processes, training and support is quite another story. And we are proud to be part of it.

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