We notice that more and more companies started using Voxme virtual survey for remote estimates. Whilst offering good video quality, convenient chat re-connection and recording options, our price packages are substantially more affordable and transparent compared to other options on the market.


This service continuously adds to its arsenal of useful features. The latest addition is a picture in picture feature that allows to watch a recorded video and enter the inventory using the same screen.

Our users have learned to appreciate the ability to turn off operator’s video during the survey and transfer any image from the video using QR code.

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This video explains a virtual survey procedure step by step from starting to video chat to watching a recorded video

The characters of the cartoon below play out a typical situation where a video survey represents an optimal solution for all the parties involved in a move. Exaggeration aside, this video provides practical guidelines for operators and transferees.

This jokingly allegorical fantasy cartoon touches on very serious aspects of using video capabilities in combination with a classic premove survey app on mobile devices. QR code allows for efficient transfer of video frames as photos illustrating a survey which immediately end up in a survey report that represents a very real result of a virtual survey.