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The cloud based platform for virtual pre-move surveys via 2-way video chat with recording

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About the Virtual Survey

Virtual Video Survey is a cloud based platform for conducting virtual premove surveys via 2-way video chat with recording. Moving companies use video chats for all pre-move, onsite and post-move quality control calls. The platform is being widely used by insurance adjusters, appraisers and construction site inspectors. It allows surveyors, salesmen and adjusters to start a video chat from iPhone, iPad, Mac and any Android phone or tablet in addition to Windows based devices. Once the video is recorded, one can watch it right away and capture the inventory using Voxme Estimator or any other premove survey app on the same device. The videos are stored in real time in the cloud in a highly protected encrypted manner.

Transferees get invited to the video using branded SMS or email. Having the ability to record the video gives you the option of estimating live or completing the video walk-through first and then entering the inventory from a recorded video.

Survey details can be captured using tried and true Voxme Estimator or any other survey app. Estimator users benefit from real-time transfer of item and residence access photos from live or recorded video to the app. Other survey systems can also access snapshots from the video.

Virtual Survey Highlights

Key features

  • Branded and customized invitations in any language;
  • Instant interaction between transferees and surveyors;
  • Real time transfer of photos from live and recorded video to Voxme Estimator or other survey systems;
  • Flexible video expiry policies with ability to download and delete videos;
  • Reasonably priced to compliment real survey solutions.


  • Helps avoid unproductive and wasteful physical visits;
  • Reach your customers wherever they are instead of relying on agents adn third party surveyors;
  • Start and watch videos from any device via simple web portal;
  • Reduce air pollution and carbon footprint;
  • Avoid traffic congestion in London, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, LA and other urban areas.

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