Moving Company Software

MFC is a simple, comprehensive browser-based move management platform for packers and movers. Zero IT infrastructure and flexible setup allow moving companies to use it for any part of their move management process. MFC is a modular moving software, which means that our clients can implement surveying, sales, CRM, operations, labeling, digital inventory, warehouse, invoicing and expense management in any combination and order according to their priorities and budgets.

CRM for movers

From first inquiry to sales invoice

Zero IT

MFC is pure browser based and accessible from any device.

Do it your way

Focus on what’s the most important for you now, expand the use at your own pace.

Focus on your thing

Comprehensive Simplicity

Capture the important elements of the move

Control and monitor the process using dashboards.

Connect to the physical world

Connect with your mobile staff

Communicate seamlessly with pre-move survey and inventory mobile apps.

Save time and trees

Use standard and custom reports to produce

Edit Word documents right in the browser.

the power of cloud

Forget the word “server”

Just make sure you have fast enough Internet.

Leads and Tracking

Acquire leads via email and API

Build tracking portal using API gateway.


Use automated notifications to move things along

Set up real time notifications to keep everybody up-to-date and recurring notifications for reminders and follow-ups.

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