May 31, 2022

Voxme at IAM vendor demo day announces bingo label portal

Here's a video recording of IAM hosted industry wide digital inventory vendor demo day hosted by Voxme on April 26, 2022.

The vendor day webinar was focused on presenting our digital inventory solutions suitable for all types of moves:

• Private

• Commercial


• Groupage Fine Arts

We’ve been doing it since 2003 and our priority has always been on the end users - drivers, crew leaders, foremen because at the end of the day they determine whether the electronic packing list system becomes of a daily company’s routine.

This laser focus has allowed us to help ThePasha Group complete near 27,000 DOD compliant packing lists as described in the first industry wide digital inventory webinar hosted by IAM ( click to see the details).

All companies are unique, which is why Voxme Inventory platform is customizable and is designed to be integrated into a company’s IT infrastructure - the key elements that allowed JK Moving services, the largest independent moving company in North America, to roll out Voxme on over 200 iPads. This was shared with the industry during the second IAM hosted “drivers perspective on digital inventory” webinar (click to see the details).

Funny enough, none of the products of the other vendors who will present their solutions after us, have been mentioned during the first two webinars. Perhaps it explains their heightened sensitivity to the idea of competitors joining each other’s demo days.

There is one thing that all our digital inventory clients share in common - the use of MFC platform, which offers a full suite of solutions:

• cloud database, label printing, warehouse control,

• inventory control at any point of transfer, notifications, etc.

• a RESTful API that enables integration with CRMs, ERPs and move management systems.

One of the challenges of the digital inventory solution is the fact that most of the time origin and destination agents aren’t using the same system, which means that a destination agent can’t complete a delivery bingo efficiently using an electronic inventory and barcodes used by the origin agent. We’ve solved that by introducing simple, free and completely stand alone Delivery Bingo app. All it needs is a link or QR code from an origin agent to download the origin inventory and use it to quickly complete a very detailed delivery bingo.

Responding to the USTRANSCOM digital inventory mandate due to come into effect in March 2023 and the overall market need for a simple, affordable inventory solution that produces DOD compliant digital inventory packing list we’ve developed a simple portal we call Bingo Label Portal ( that bookers and movers can use to easily complete 3 fundamental tasks without any company specific setup:

1. Create electronic inventories

2. Print labels from the internet

3. Dispatch bingo to the destination agent

Simplicity aside, the biggest news is the pricing model - Pay As You Go. Sign up or email for more details.

If there’s one thing you need to take away from our webinar, let it be this - start with the simple Voxme digital inventory solution and rest assured that your immediate and future needs will be covered.

Below is the Q&A portion of the webinar

Q: Do you use the app for survey and if so is that available during packing?

A: we have a dedicated pre-move survey app called Estimator which should be used for physical and virtual surveys. It produces a survey summary that can be made available to the crew in the Voxme Inventory app


Q: What is the size of the label.

A: The standard size is 4” wide by 3” height (or 10cm by7.5cm), but custom label sizes can be supported too if necessary


Q: Does the bingo sheet transfer to the loss and damage form automatically?

A: One can capture delivery damages using both Inventory and Delivery Bingo app and once uploaded back to the MFC, the Loss and Damage form can be generated automatically


Q: Does your app have the availability to create a job on the fly or does the customer have to be created in your software before going to the job?

A: One can create a job on the fly using Voxme Inventory app or by accessing a portal from the same device as one uses for the inventory


Q: If I am the Origin Agent using this product, but the Destination Agent is NOT using this product, how are they checking off the inventory at delivery?

A: The destination agent would receive an email or text from the origin agent to download a free Voxme Bingo Delivery app and complete the checking. The resulting bingo checking result pdf goes back to the origin agent’s Voxme system automatically. It can be shared by the destination agent delivery driver with the destination agent and client via email, any messaging app (Dropbox, Telegram, iMessage), AirDrop, BT, etc.


Q: Following a previously asked question, same app can be used for the survey is it then? Just that the survey result won't be translated to the bingo sheet

A: The Inventory app can’t be used for survey – Voxme Estimator is the pre-move survey app. Survey results never translate to the actual packing list – the foreman/driver always creates a real packing list.


Q: Is the label pressure sensitive and can it go directly on furniture or on a pad?

A: the labels are highly adhesive and can’t be affixed to the furniture. One can get removal labels, of course, but these are prohibitively expensive


Q: Does your API supports to send customer info to populate using order number

A: Yes, our API supports full job, transaction management cycle.


Q: Can the driver annotate pre-existing damage using the same damage descriptors and locations that we use currently on the inventory? Photo is great and assuming written notations also are there but just want to make sure

A: Standard or company specific pre-existing damage and location codes get set up base don client’s requirements


Q: How long the data is stored? How long the retrieval is possible?

A: All data is stored indefinitely for as long as one has active Voxme service subscription


Q: Can the customer view the inventory in real time as it is being completed, or do they have to wait until inventory is complete to review it?

A: A customer can have a current inventory shared in real time by the crew via client via email, any messaging app (Dropbox, Telegram, iMessage), AirDrop, BT, etc.


Q:  the reason I asked that question was from efficiency perspective .. agreed the packing may be different than surveying but if 80-90% items stay same, it will improve the packing inventory time (why repeat)

A: the way items are packed in packages is always different from a survey. As an example, in a survey one writes – dining chair - 6. On the packing list one pay end up with 3 packages – with 2 dining chairs in each


Q: As I can see the QR Codes on the Labels does it can be used really the goods by reading the labels, so if any package is missed? like in Normal Stores labels have the ability to add or remove the items from inventory

A: one can always adjust the inventory – each piece has a barcode assigned to it. Checking process shows missing pieces based on the barcodes that haven’t been scanned


Q: are the barcodes compatible with other digital inventory products if a receiving agent uses a different product?

A: Yes we use standard barcode encoding that allows external systems to scan them.


Q: So do you have to have access to your system to use the inventory app.

A: No, the Inventory app works completely offline and requires access to the cloud system only to download job requests and upload completed inventories and all its details back to the cloud


Q: I might have missed the page but the DOD requirement of Customer must be able to thoroughly review inventory contents, including all comments, conditions, and annotate exceptions, per line item, prior to signature." Does this provide a summary page or is it just a lot of pages for the move?

A: There’s a section with the full inventory as well as a summary table of all the items with pre-existing damages and their photos


Q: the reason that I ask is because I we have our own software and I just want to use your inventory app and check off

A: you’d be using our API to dispatch the jobs to the Voxme Inventory app and get the inventory details back in your system


Q: So the Destination Agent is now responsible to "know" what app they have to download?

A: The destination agent would receive an email or text from the origin agent to download a free Voxme Bingo Delivery app and complete the checking. The resulting bingo checking result pdf goes back to the origin agent’s Voxme system automatically. It can be shared by the destination agent delivery driver with the destination agent and client via email, any messaging app (Dropbox, Telegram, iMessage), AirDrop, BT, etc.


Q: Do you have the ability to add any additional documents to the software in order to create a truly paperless product?

A: The MFC system allows to generate any standard or custom documents upon inventory details upload in order to establish truly paperless process


Q: Can we email the Bingo Link to the destination agent's dispatch office to be forwarded to their drivers if you don't have DA driver's information?

A: that’s exactly what you’d do – send a link or even a PDF with two QR codes – one to download the Voxme Bingo Delivery app and another one to download the job to deliver



Q: Does your software allow for billing, with driver pay screen?

A: No, billing is done via integration of the cloud system with company’s accounting system


Q: Does your inventory translate into other languages?

A: The system supports translation to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Greek

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